Tuesday, May 30, 2017


This blog is a catch-all, a holding spot for the various RPGs I am, have, and will be running. The first RPG I ran, Shifting Horizon, ran its course in August of 2016. The ongoing (as of the time of this blog, anyway) RPG I'm running, Mareten: ACKS, picked up from there, and has been running nigh-on weekly ever since.

However, as much as I love RPGs, I'm feeling a little guilty about starting so many blogs. What I really need is a catch-all, and thus, this blog was born. Don't worry - I'm still going to keep up with the ACKS blog. This is for everything else. Right now, I've got a few things planned for the future, and plenty more to follow up with:
  • Currently Running:
    • ACKS
    • Deadlands Classic
  • Campaigns planned for:
    • Paranoia
    • Caveman (yes, I'm still working on it, it'll happen one day)
    • Dreamworld (working on this, too!)
    • Dresden Files
  • Manuals for:
    • AtomicRobo
    • Mistborn
    • Laundry Files
    • LEGO Wars
    • Savage Worlds
This summer, I'm running my ACKS campaign and a new Deadlands Classic campaign, and will likely do a few one-shots with Paranoia and others. However... I can't keep up a blog for each, as interesting as that would be. Instead, I'm going to keep ACKS on its own blog, and use this for everything else.

And with that, I'm off to write a Deadlands blog! Well, eventually. I don't have power (or internet) at home, because of the recent storms. But I'll get around to it!

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