Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors

The group consists of:
  • Guts, a warrior from another time and place, clothed in what seems to be living armor
  • Black Jaguar, a man in a catsuit who has with feline abilities. Hypothetically not a furry.
  • Kiree Myrr, a mind-reading blogger, with a penchant for monoblogging during combat.
  • Gray Blacklock, a lich with arcane powers.
  • The Crimson Dredd, bearer of a mystical bow and possibly other weapons.
  • And last but not least, Aaron Avery Ayers, a normal kind of guy.

The crew, only but barely recovered from their previous adventure, headed home. The next morning, they once again set out, this time for LA, the third of the three suggested destinations. Unfortunately... their teleporter seemed to have malfunctioned. Instead of dropping them within a few blocks of the Foundation's LA HQ, they instead wound up almost three miles away. Worse, the area around them was surrounded by dense forest! As they walked, the trees seemed to sprout from the ground, growing at a phenomenal rate.

Even more odd, the group seemed to have changed costumes; they were now clad in pith helmets and beige, multi-pocketed jackets, draped in the occasional bandolier. Only the mundane clothing seems to have been affected; Guts' armor, for instance, was unchanged. In fact, Guts was rather more at ease in this new terrain. Blacklock attempted to nullify any powers that might be affecting the area, and succeeded, though only for a brief time. The jungle crept back... Blacklock muttered about "illusions," and the team pressed on.

As they turned a corner, they saw a strange sight - four pirates, sitting atop an elephant! The pirates didn't seem to notice them, and the party remained out of sight. Dredd fired an arrow, attempting to nullify any illusion, and indeed succeeded; the elephant, for a brief moment, returned to its normal form: a streetcar, meandering along its tracks. Then, the streetcar was gone, again an elephant. One of the pirates kicked it, and away it went.

Not long after that, about halfway to their destination, they came across a strange scene - a group of natives carrying spears were facing down another small group of pirates! The two yelled back and forth, then suddenly, a young man strode into view. He was dressed impeccably in safari gear, and called out in a jovial, Edwardian British accent, asking the pirates to stand down, lest they be hurt. The pirates responded by firing at him; every shot either missed or was deflected by his clothing. Blacklock fired a blast of energy, and managed to wipe out the group of pirates in a single blow. The young man turned, and the group sized him up, as he sized them up.

Deciding on peace - for now - the group asked him about the forest. "I say, it's rather grand, don't you think? These mighty trees are called redwoods; quite the sight, eh?"

He gestured to a large tree that seemed suspiciously like an office building, only with bark and leaves. "I've been exploring these forests for, well, a bloody long time, let me tell you! Hmm? The pirates? Jolly nuisance! I've run into more than my fair share, but the rum buggers never stick around for long, wot wot! One whiff of a brave chappie in Her Majesty's Service, and they head for the hills!"

The party quizzed him about a few things, but eventually asked him about the Foundation headquarters. He explained that he had, in fact, been held there; or rather, brought in for questioning. It was a strange, dark place... but, once the slavers had attacked, they blasted the building to rubble, and he had made his escape - after taking out the slavers, of course. They may have freed him, but slavery was slavery, wot wot.

The tribesmen followed as the man - Thomas McDermott, he said - until they reached the HQ. It was, indeed, destroyed; still-smoking rubble littered the area. "The fort was totally destroyed, as you can see."

He lead the way into a half-buried tunnel, down a flight of stairs, and into a damp jail. The cells were open, iron-bar cells, with pallets to sleep on. Nullifying one of the cells showed it to be a modern glass holding cell, its walls solid; but as soon as the jungle reappeared, it was easy to put your hand through the bars. No simple illusion, then!

Thomas stared into one of the cells morosely... as one of the natives crept up behind him, and pushed him in! The forest began to fade; the native slammed the cell shut, and a moment later, the damp jail had been replaced with a hallway and three glass-walled cells! And the natives were suddenly revealed to be wearing Nazi swastikas!

The battle was short; the three "natives" were quickly taken down. The team quickly called for assistance - the Foundation. The man on the other end of the line was somewhat incredulous that they had managed to trap Mirage - Thomas's code name. It seems that Thomas has abilities far above what others had seen; at power level 8, his abilities were beyond comprehension. At a minimum, he could manipulate matter and energy to create forests and jungles around him, and add illusions on top of all that. What's more, he can manipulate the minds of those around him; most people never thought twice about his effect on the world. As they came into his presence, they merely believed that they had always been pirates, or natives, or slavers - slavers being what he called the Nazis.

As powerful and disruptive as he was, Mirage certainly had his uses; the Nazis the team brought down were part of an elite strike team, sent to destroy him... because every other Nazi force sent it had been destroyed! Giant mech or otherwise, Mirage had dealt with them all, swiftly and easily.

The man from Foundation suggested they send him north, to Canada; they were fighting a large incursion there, and his assistance would be appreciated - and perhaps, less obvious. He talked Blacklock through opening a very secure vault, and removing some handcuffs inside - nullifier handcuffs. Placing them on Thomas, the group lead him out of his cell, letting out a sigh of relief when he didn't reactivate his jungle...

Kiree handed him her phone. Even through the nullifying handcuffs, he still managed to change the electronic device into a paper map. Blacklock gave him a copy, then transported him outside the city limits.

As the others filed out of the destroyed Foundation building, into the bright sun - no longer obscured by a half-fantasy jungle - they saw a group of people waiting for them. Tough looking grunts, and a flying man hovering above them! With a scream of rage, the man sent his thugs forward - it was Ultraman! Super tough, super angry, and super scary!

Unfortunately, Ultraman was not prepared for the Crimson Dredd, who blasted him with three arrows in quick succession, not was he prepared for the leap-and-destroy from Guts. Ultraman fell to the ground, bleeding. After a quick talk with Foundation (who was ambivalent about doing anything with Ultraman - he seemed to get out of trouble a little too easily), they decided on dismembering him and tossing his composite parts into the nullifying cell. Brutal!

Meanwhile, Guts was the first to get a green chip; he drew the 3 of Clubs, which means his work has gotten the attention of a low-level group of supers, who want to help the cause!

The party returned home, with another victory under their belt, and 3 XP.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Supers: Broken Glass

The group is made up of:
  • Guts, a warrior from another time and place, clothed in what seems to be living armor
  • Black Jaguar, a man in a catsuit who has with feline abilities. I have it on good authority that he is not, actually, a furry, but time will tell.
  • Kiree Myrr, a mind-reading blogger
  • Gray Blacklock, a lich with arcane powers
  • The Crimson Dredd, bearer of a mystical bow
  • And last but not least, Aaron Avery Ayers, a normal kind of guy.
The group returned to their base; as Susan, aka Hacksaw, brought the team up to speed and introduced them to another member of the Foundation. She asked a few interesting, if terse, questions, such as "6? 8?" or the health of his dog and his grandmother. To the numbers, he responded, "No contact." The health of his pets and relatives seemed ambivalent. Though he seemed otherwise quite guarded, he mentioned three areas that may need assistance: LA, Chicago, and Washington, DC.

Meanwhile, Kiree took the girl to make supper. As a prank, they made a lovely salad, with a backup of spaghetti and meatballs, which they revealed with no small amount of glee. Oddly, the girl was the one that cooked the meatballs, and managed to cook them in under three minutes, even though she "burned them a couple times first."

After supper, the group decided to take a look around DC. They set up the teleporter, and leaving the girl in the company of another member of the team.

In DC, they found... everything was normal. No one seemed to be acting strangely, apart from the fact that everyone was acting strangely. It was a war with Nazi-aliens, but no one seemed to be upset about it. Indeed, it didn't look like there were any signs of damage! Kiree Myrr, probing a nearby mind, found that everyone had had their mind altered...

The Emblem of the Foundation
Susan lead the way to an elaborate entry point. After Susan entered a combination on a park bathroom's sink handle, the floor dropped out, sliding the group to a locked room, where Susan entered yet another password. The revealed a normal-looking subway train, which they took to another platform. This platform, meanwhile, was filled with over thirty well-armed men. After a bit of a standoff, the group was allowed to enter the base, where they finally met with a serious looking man, wearing a patch (pictured right).

The numbers Susan had asked about were, in fact, Foundation organizations. Level 6 is a black-book organization, filled with spies and data analysis; level 8 is... well, let's just say no one has ever heard of them, and for a very good reason.

The team was given the location of another base, which they immediately set off to find. It was in a warehouse district; inside, Kiree tried speaking a few different languages, indicating her need of a bathroom, but the secretary at the desk firmly indicated there were no public facilities. Undeterred, Kiree traded places with the rest of the group. As they entered the building, she pulled out her laptop and started a quick blog.

As soon as the party had entered the building, this time equipped with swords, a bow, and a smattering of arcane power, the doors slammed shut. Before anyone could react, the secretary blasted them with a vehicle-size flamethrower! Severely singed, the party - and Guts in particular - wasted no time in cutting down the secretary, two guards, and what seemed to be a normal person who whipped out a shotgun at the first sign of trouble. Hoping the guards were merely mind-controlled, Blacklock healed one of them... but the moment he turned his back, the man pulled out a revolver and scattered his brains across the wall.

The other guard was quickly knocked out.

Susan, stuck outside, was about to try breaking the door when Dredd opened it for her. Well, the glass, anyway. Stepping inside, Susan took a cursory glance around the room, then with a shake of her arm, popped a buzzsaw out of her wrist and chopped through the locked door at the back of the room. "Care to join me?"

Inside, the group ran into a rather large defense turret; Blacklock teleported next to it, and blasted it in one quick action. Hearing some noises in a nearby closet, Guts opened the door, only to find a man in a furry costume hanging from some coat-hangers. It seems that he had been brought in for questioning, and when the building was attacked, he was tossed into the closet "for his own safety."

Meanwhile, Kiree found something quite disturbing... while the yet-living guard was merely mind-controlled, the other man in the lobby seemed to have no natural memories before three days ago; a clone? A body blank? Whatever he was, he was definitely not natural. The woman, meanwhile, had a few more memories, though nothing useful that Kiree could find. After clearing the last day from the mind of the guard, she pushed him out the door, telling him to go home. The other two... she casually killed. Kiree, it seems, is hardcore.

In the next room, three thugs and a robot waited for the group. The normal chucked a grenade inside... only to have it flung back at him! Luckily, there was enough cover that it didn't go far, and no one was seriously injured. Susan leaped past into a doorway, and with a flick of her wrist, fired a plasma blast into a second thug. Armor... would have been useful. The blast burned a hole completely through the thug, and he dropped without a sound. A quick exploding arrow later, and the thugs (and the robot) were disabled. The group entered the elevator, which took them down... then over... then back up again, this time all the way to the roof.

Guts, seeing the helicopter there was about to take off, leaped out, and with a slash of his blade, chopped the end of the chopper cleanly off! Suddenly both lighter, and unable to steer, the chopper slid sideways until it hit the lip of the building, where it tilted over, and plunged through the side of the warehouse across the street! Just in case, Guts leaped after it. Inside, he found the smouldering remains of the chopper, with the pilot and two men in suits inside. What he didn't find, however, was any glass. The windows were plucked clean. As he straightened, he heard a voice above him: "You've picked the wrong side! You've already lost, you just don't know it yet!"

A figure flashed through a broken skylight and was gone. Or... rather... would have been gone, except that the Crimson Dredd was keeping a lookout. An arrow slammed into the man, followed by two more; severely wounded, the figure screamed, and returned fire before jumping to the alley behind the warehouse. Guts jumped to the roof, the followed. The man ran for the end of the alley, windows exploding behind him. Broken bottles, shattered windows, even decorative glass bricks exploded into a wall of glass. With a yell, the man tossed an enormous shard of glass towards Guts, slamming into him, even as more glass surrounded the figure. Guts shook it off, and swung his blade at the man, but flying glass deflected most of his attack. Dredd leaped down from the Foundation building's roof.

The man waved a dismissive hand at Guts, trying to hide his obvious injuries. A wall of glass snapped together over Guts' head, blocking his way; he had to run back and leap onto a neighboring building, and by that time, whoever that was had escaped. Dredd joined him, but could only surmise he had found a vehicle - or commandeered one.

Battered, and with a new enemy to look out for, the party regrouped...

The mysterious figure could have been none other than Baneul, a master of glass; but why was he there? Was he working for the Nazi aliens? Or was he part of another faction? Was he in cahoots with whoever was controlling all those people? Or did he have his own agenda? All these questions and more, next time on Supers!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Supers: Meanwhile, in Another Part of Town

A new superhero organization has formed. It is made up of... well, unfortunately, I completely forgot to write down who everyone is, and for that I appologize. Anyway.

Their base is carefully hidden in the Bahamas; a large, state of the art facility, well hidden, with access locally and by teleport. The teleporter can lock onto their security badge and teleport them to and from the base from anywhere in the world. Additionally, anyone without a badge will activate the security system: turret laser guns, or heavy flamethrowers. Their generator keeps everything running off the grid. Inside is a spacious command center, a workshop, a kitchen/dining room, a medical center, and personal quarters for 8. In case of capturing a super-powered individual, they have a single nullifier cell.

Shortly after the attack on Chicago, the group set out to assist the nearest Foundation base. They found the structure under attack, with human-sized mechs finishing off three survivors outside the building. Joining the fight, they saved the lives of Jeremiah Wong, a magic user, and Joe Franklin, aka Fire and Ice; Joe can split into two beings, one fire-based, and the other cold-based. After rescuing the two (or three, when Joe is split), they joined forces to defend the base, moving to the opposite side.

There, they found a large mech, surrounded by 6 different mechs, each with a special ability; the Exploding Man was quickly taken out, but the rest of the group managed to survive. The large mech took the Exploding Man hostage inside. The special mechs were destroyed, and the large mech was nearly defeated, when something came rocketing out of the damaged building, nearly knocking over the group's own spellcaster. The speeding form and the damaged mech were both teleported away...

Inside the damaged building, they found a locked room; the rescued mage contacted someone inside, and a young woman opened the door. Inside, the windowless rooms seemed to be decorated as a mundane apartment, complete with children's toys on the floor.

As the team discovered, the woman, Susan LaGrange, was taking care of a young girl, about ten years old. While Susan declined to explain why the girl was under protection, she did show off some of her own skills - Susan has Cybernetic enhancements, which she uses to great effect to protect her young charge. She cautioned the group against prying too hard into the little girl's abilities. Whatever the reason, the enemy forces seem set on finding the young girl.

Thus, the team offered to protect her; with the Foundation under attack, the hidden base may be the safest place for the girl to be.

Who are these Nazi attackers? Where did they come from? What do they want with a little girl - and what power does the girl possess? What are the names of our heroes, and why does the GM never think to write them down? All these questions and more will be answered this week, on Supers!

XP this week: 1 point for successfully defeating the mechs, and 1 point for agreeing to protect the girl.

Supers: A Few Important Details

I've finally remembered to put chips in my bag, and because this is a Supers campaign, I've decided to add a new color and effect. These effects are a little different from Shifting Horizon, and also a little different from Deadlands, so pay attention! The colors are as follows:
  •  White Chip : discard to reroll both dice, to soak wounds, or to cancel shaken.
  •  Red Chip : pass to GM to add a wild die to a trait roll or soak wounds at +1, or discard to cancel shaken.
  •  Blue Chip : discard to add a wild die to a trait roll, soak wounds at +2, or cancel shaken.
  •  Green Chip : discard to remove all wounds and shaken status gained that round, to add a wild die to any roll, to subtract a wild die from any enemy roll, or to gain an instant clue... but, draw a card from the Hand of Fate. Green chips cannot be discarded without using them.
  •  Black Chip : destroy to remove all wounds and shaken status gained that round, add a wild die to any roll, or subtract a wild die from any enemy roll; discard to cancel shaken or for an instant clue.
Discard means put back in the pot; destroy means remove from play. A trait roll is a skill or attribute, but not damage or tables. Soaking damage is done by rolling vigor.

The pot starts with 20 white, 10 red, 5 blue, and 1 green. On a major victory, the pot will gain one black chip and one green chip.

The Hand of Fate is a deck of cards, with each card representing an event or effect. Some events or effects are immediate and obvious, while others are more subtle, and take place later, or hinge on the player's actions. All cards, once drawn, are removed from the deck.

As part of the Hand of Fate, I'm also introducing Public Opinion - that is, what the world at large thinks of you. The scale ranges from -4 to +4:
  1. The public absolutely hates you; you are a hunted criminal, wanted dead or alive. Government agencies have a shoot-on-sight order on you.
  2. The public hates you; you are a wanted criminal, and police are authorized to use deadly force if required to detain you.
  3. The public generally dislikes you, and you likely have some high-profile enemies; you are wanted for questioning.
  4. Most people don't like you; police dislike your interference. You probably have some public enemies.
  5. The public doesn't really notice you.
  6. Most people like you, though you don't stand out.
  7. The public likes you; police are generally cooperative, and government agencies won't stand in your way.
  8. The public loves you; police are willing to help, and usually turn a blind eye. The media has only good things to say about you.
  9. You are a national hero; police and government agents will go out of their way to help you.
Each player has their own public opinion, and public opinion of your team as a whole is the average opinion of the group. You start with a generous +1. Acts of extreme heroism are often rewarded with a +1 shift, and acts of villainy punished with a -1 shift, but that's not always the case.

A few existing groups, and their scores:

  • Demented Dozen: -4 (duh - world-class villains)
  • Uncanny Squadron: +3.5 (protectors of the weak; RIP)
  • Superhero Alliance: +1 (loose group of a lot of heroes/antiheroes)
  • Foundation, Section 1: +1 (protectors, though seen as inefficient)
  • Foundation, Section 3: +3 (generally regarded as protective heroes)
  • Foundation, Section 6: 0 (little known about them; mixed reactions)
  • Police: +2 (some worries about dirty cops and police violence balance out heroic protection)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Supers: A Fine Day For An Apocalypse

Throughout the week, each of the heroes received the following letter:

To Whom It May Concern,

I need your help. I cannot reply on those I used to trust; one in particular will fail us in our time of need. I have proof of it. I know that alone, you cannot stop what is coming, but I hope that together, you will make an impact that will echo far beyond your abilities. Please find attached the means of travel; meet me at HERO Coffee Bar in Chicago, at 2 PM. I will be there if I can. You must help us. Without you... all is lost. I will see you soon.

The letter was unsigned; however, as it said, the letter contained a means of travel - plane ticket, bus pass, even taxi fare from the airport. Additionally, there is a single photograph in each envelope. The heroes, each for their own reason, followed the letter's instructions and arrived at the bar.

While there were a number of strange people - a bouncy Hello Kitty-bestickered woman, a blob of sentient green goo, a fellow in a mech, a monk, and an archer, to name a few. They introduced themselves to each other, and after a bit of waiting, asked the barista if he had seen anyone else. He handed over a note written on the back of another photograph. Everyone brought theirs out - all double exposed photographs. In fact, as someone noted, they all seemed to be the work of a heor known as Timelapse!

While each picture was of something different, each one was double exposed. The city skylines and placid streets contrasted with fire and mayhem, missing buildings, overturned cars, and other obvious signs of disaster.

A few of the crew decided to check out one of the buildings, a little over a block away. Nearly there, they ran into a crowd of thugs with guns and baseball bats. The thugs were quickly disarmed, some more so than others. In fact, only one managed to make it out of the encounter alive. The bodies were quickly disposed of by the green blob, who happily snacked on body tissue, bullets, guns, and all the random things they had in their pockets.

The gadgeteer in the mech suit caught sight of another fellow hurrying away, and gave chase. He was lead down the subway, onto the tracks, and through some side passages to a locked door; breaking in, he took out the man, but found nothing else of note. Another hero followed them, and together they found an ultraviolet flashlight and a list of names on the wall, including such names as Centurion (an invincible sword fighter), Nucleus (flight, clean atomic fire, radiation absorption), and Techannus (flying mech, super smart), as well as sidekicks, normals in position of authority, and even a few random newspapermen, talk show hosts, and police officers. There were a few supervillains on the list, too - Ultraman, The Bone Man, and Nuclear Winter grace the list.

Meanwhile, B. Happy (the one with stickers) helped the poor fellow who survived their group, albeit without a leg. She quizzed him a bit, but found nothing useful. Healed up again, she called him a cab, and sent him on to a safe place to recover, hoping that he would have a change of heart.

Reunited, the team went searching for the names on the list, locals first. The newspaperman was dead; so was the police detective. Upon finding the news anchor (also dead), the group caught the beginning of an interview with Centurion... who died on camera.

The only link between them was Silverage. The team gathered at Silverage's base to get some answers... but outside the Uncanny Squadron, they were attacked by two groups, one under War Diamond, and the other under the control of Ei8ht, an AI-powered mech suit!

The supers tore through the bad guys like chaff. Eventually, War Diamond stepped into Ei8ht, and the two blasted off, out of everyone's reach.

As if on cue, a hologram at the steps of the great hall sputtered to life. Silverage, leader of the Uncanny Squadron! For a moment, he was silent, then he suddenly loomed larger, and boomed, "I don't know what your goal is, here, but I can tell you this: your meddling has damaged events beyond even my control. While you've been bumbling around trying to solve mysteries far out of your control, you've hindered me more than you'll ever realize." His hologram slowly shrank back to human-sized. "I'm sorry. You couldn't have known. Please, come in; while I cannot repair the mess you've made, I might... but that can wait. Please, come inside."

The hologram blinked off, as the great doors to the Uncanny Squadron's headquarters swung open. Inside, huge screens display ever-changing images of past heroes associated with the Uncanny Squadron. Many have gold ribbons draped around the edges - notably, the Centurion's. At the end of the hall, another door swings open. Inside is a sparse office. Before Silverage could speak, a giant mech crashed into the building! It's Techannus; his mech was heavily damaged. He crawled out, bleeding, and staggered over to Silverage. "It's started... Silverage, just like Timeline said, it's starting... we couldn't stop them."

Silverage looked at the heroes. "It's not too late to stop them. They... they don't know about you. I can only hope they haven't gotten to you... Look in my safe - there are instructions there. The combination is..." His voice trailed off as a shadow fell over the skylight, but B. Happy managed to get the code from his mind... just before two massive shapes crashed into the room.

Before Silverage could utter a word, the smaller of the two shot him in the chest; the larger, moving faster than expected, grabbed the falling body and tore it in two. The two figures in mechanical suits turned, and with a squawk of radio noise, stomped forward.

Judy, a speedy monster with an armor-piercing sword, brought a hero down in a single strike, screaming, "Not now, you've got a headache!"

Punch, the larger of the two, grabbed another hero, hauling him into the air and punching him repeatedly, all while screeching, "Do stop the naughty, noisy baby, Judy!"

The gang fired all they had at Judy, hoping to bring her down, and bring her down they did; but that was not the end. With an evil laugh, one of their members, Rubber Face, revealed himself to be Wild Card - a supervillain! He blasted the others, hurting the monk.

B. Happy, meanwhile, had already opened the safe, and was quickly making her way out of the building.

As another hero fell, the gadgeteer bolted for the sky.

Finishing off the few remaining heroes, Wild Card grabbed his fallen henchwoman, Judy, and ordered Punch to carry her, heading off to who knows where.

Around the city, explosions rang out; fires leaped for the sky as silver flying saucers fanned out over Chicago, firing indiscriminately. Silverage's headquarters weren't the only target... Chicago is burning. The few survivors heard sirens in the distance, and the screams of panicked crowds. Whatever this is... whatever this was... the heroes knew they needed to get to the bottom of it.

Deadlands: The Ship

After a fruitful day of buying, trading, winning prizes, and stopping huge whirlwind generators, the party was ready to move on. Taking the offer of a local inventor of electric cars, they left town in the strange machine and headed into the Utah Deseret desert.

Come nightfall, the vehicle slowed to a stop. Not a hundred yards away was the dried-out hull of a huge ship! After some investigation, they found a hole into the interior. Their new friend, an animal trainer named Enrique, carefully walked up the side of the ship, balancing on the fallen mast. On board, he found... rats. Lots and lots of rats. Not normal rats, either - these rats were strange, disfigured, and most decidedly undead rats. He quickly fled the ship, which they then burned to the ground. It went up in smoke, burning so bright and hot they could feel the heat from the safety of the electric car. And inside, they saw Things thrashing and dying...

Once the ship had burned away to nothing, the group began poking through the ruins, uncovering a few coins here and there. Suddenly, with a crash and a cloud of dust, a tunnel under the ship opened up! And out came a huge creature, its eyes burning red, its skin hanging off it like a rug. An undead steer!

Undeterred, the paladin strode forward, meeting its charge. The battle was fast; the paladin swung his sword in a tight arc, chopping the beast nearly in half.

Hector and Enrique volunteered to go down into the hole. Inside, they found some undead creatures, which they fought off, and finally discovered the home of what was most likely the captain of the ship. Enrique briefly witnessed terrible images in his head of the captain and his crew capturing natives, enslaving them and murdering the rest...

In another room, they found a gold bowl; Hector, realizing it was likely cursed when it started to glow, blasted it with his shotgun. The bowl shattered, rocking the cave. A terrible screech filled the caverns!

Hector bolted for the entrance, leaving Enrique behind. Unfortunately, the entrance had collapsed; Hector ran the other direction, with Enrique tripping and stumbling behind, barely making it through the falling ceilings, half of which he was causing at this point.

Hector found light, and was able to leap up to a ledge, calling for help. The others dragged him up. He shouted, "There are zombies in there! Shoot them!"

Kiri, happy to be able to use some of her dynomite, tossed a stick into the hole. Enrique, surprised but still alive, tried to toss it back... and missed. While, somehow, he managed to survive the dynamite... the ceiling crushed him.

Once again, they set off towards civilization; the electric car started up when the last of the cavern had fallen in, and away they went.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Deadlands: Burning Ring o' Gloom

The posse arrived in Salt Lake City Sunday, September 23rd.

To Hector's horror, no saloon was open; he hardly knew what to do with himself. Wilhelm found the small Catholic church, Dr. Seigal went to register for the Gizmo Faire, Abigail tagged along, and the paladin signed up for guard duty.

Eventually, church let out; Hector was further dismayed to discover that Salt Lake City was inhabited by rather a lot of Mormons. Luckily, none of them drank, so when the saloon opened at noon, he hurried inside to avoid them.

Eventually, he decided the best course of action was to explore the City o' Gloom - the strange, maze-like shanty-town surrounding the factories. Dr. Seigal brought his vehicle, and Kiri rode her smart horse. After a few hours of wandering around, they found two factories - one, mostly locked up tight, and sporting various sorts of armor, and a second, marked Factory #13. Inside, Hector and the good doctor were nearly beheaded by a falling gear, broke several things, and almost managed to catch sight of a whirling, flying machine; after several hours, they finally made their way out.

Just before Factory #13, however, Kiri manage to get herself separated from the others. Without the light of the steam-car's headlamps, she decided to light a match; the match flared brightly, and burned quickly, its flame large and wild. Surprised, Kiri tossed the match to the ground... where it ignited. As it turned out, tossing fire around in a place that gathers and stores ghostrock... isn't a good idea.

A wall of flame cutting her off from her companions, Kiri was forced to backtrack. Eventually, her horse grew tired of wandering around, and lead the two of them out to the exit.

Meanwhile, the paladin was making his way through the faire; he found a person selling a strange, green liquid, and dared to try a bit. Happily, it healed his wounds! Much pleased with the result, he promised to return again the next morning.

Monday morning rolled around. While the others stocked up on gas masks and breathing equipment, Abigail made a beeline to the tent of a young woman selling various elixers. After speaking with the woman for a while, she learned the secret of the alchemists - Philosophers Stone. The young woman also showed her how to make a simple healing potion, and sold her (and Wilhelm) some of her brews.

The paladin, true to his word, showed up for work, ready to go. He was shown to the most dangerous area, a central spot that most faire-goers gave a wide berth.

Deadlands: Cold Hard Crash

The paladin was approached by a member of the Texas Rangers, a fellow named Ketchum. Who's name should sound familiar - he was the guy that the Butcher stole an eye from. He congratulated the paladin on taking down the creature, but added, "We need you to keep an eye on this train. Sign up, get paid, but if anything strange happens... let us know." He provided two addresses, one in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and the other in Salt Lake City.

Another member joined the posse - a young Apache woman named Kiri Haere. She speaks broken English, but enough to get by, at least.

The train ride was quite uneventful for the next two days; it trekked through Kansas, then eastern Colorado, before finally heading up the mountains. The posse got the know each other, as well as a dapper card player named Reginald Willis, a reporter named Sally Sawyer, who worked for the Tombstone Epitaph, and a rotund fellow named Jim Lunk. Hector grew fond of sharing his stories with Sally, who wrote down every word.

On Friday, early evening, there was a sudden crash, and the occupants of the train were tossed around like rag-dolls! Most of the posse managed to keep from sustaining any injury, but the rest of the passengers were not so fortunate. Wilhelm quickly began healing those he could, while Hector ran for the front of the train. At the end of the hallway, he opened the door - and ran smack into a solid wall of ice! The access to the next car was completely blocked! He chipped at the ice with his knife, but realized it was a good three inches thick - too thick to get through quickly. Running back for the side door, he jumped out and headed to the engine. The engineer was laying on the floor, bleeding badly from a headwound; his assistant was trying to stabilize him, but seemed to be suffering from a broken arm. Hector called Abigail, who grabbed her bag and began tending the engineer. Hector asked how he could help, and the assistant started pointing at knobs and levers - "Turn that - pull that and hold it ten seconds - crank that hard left!" The built up steam began releasing, and the groaning of the wheels stopped.

Meanwhile, Kiri pulled out her pick, and started chopping away at the iced-over door. After a few minutes of work, she managed to get enough cracked open to start prying it off. The paladin assisted, and together they opened the door.

When Hector dashed outside, he realized the air was bone-chillingly cold. As Kiri and the paladin opened the train car, they could feel the same cold radiating out of the room beyond, even though the air actually rushed past them, and into the frozen tomb. For tomb it was - the head porter was frozen solid. Well, the bits that remained. His body was cracked in half, part frozen to the wall, and part smashed against the front of the train car. The four other occupants were similarly frozen - absolutely solid, as if simply stopped in time. As Kiri searched the forward compartments, the paladin searched the first two rooms. One was empty, while the other was occupied by two frozen corpses. A quick search revealed the two were likely visiting their relative in the City of Lost Angels - as well as some loose jewels. The paladin accepted the jewels as payment for telling the dead woman's sister of her untimely demise.

Kiri, meanwhile, discovered a hollow bottom on a case, and found inside a letter, signed by Ulysses S. Grant himself - the man, it seems, was a Pinkerton! She also found some Union and Confederate money, as well as some gold coins.

Hector, finishing up with the knobs and dials, stepped back outside to see there were people beginning to mill about. A woman grabbed her husband's arm, pleading with him to go back into the warmth of the train, but he merely stood in place, staring blankly ahead. Hector tried to push him away, then tried hitting him, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, Hector convinced the woman to return to the train, and met up with the others. No one seemed to know what to do... until they heard a footstep on the roof of the train car. Hector pulled out his gun and stepped outside.

And came face-to-face with a terrible grin. The man staring down at him was missing a chunk of his side, exposed ribs white in the dim light of the train. Hector leaped back into the train and slammed the door. "There's no way I'm going back out there - it's that monster again!"

The paladin, hoping to break up whatever ritual was happening, shoved over one of the men, but he just stood back up again and returned to his place. Seeing the strange monster was weaving a track on the ground, the paladin braced himself. Hector poked his gun out, drawing a bead on the creature. Wilhelm, too, pulled out his gun and cracked a window. The three attacked together - Hector blew off the creature's head, Wilhelm nearly severed its leg, and the paladin finished the job... and the monster merely grinned at them.

Together, they kept fighting. It seemed the paladin's blade was about the only thing that could harm the creature; it slammed into the paladin, wounding him, but the paladin was better armored.

Finally, with a scream of frustration, the monster turned and ran. A final bullet stopped him in his tracks; a column of ice slammed into the ceiling, marking where the monster last stood.

Together, the posse gathered what tools they could, and set about chipping away at the ice locking the carriage to the ground. Hours later, the freed train began to move away from that dark place...

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Deadlands: Constitution Day

The train limped into town - Dodge City, Kansas. While it is in for repairs, the posse split up.

Wilhelm headed to the Catholic church, and got a little information, and a free meal. Dr. Abigail Winston headed to the drugstore, where she picked out a few ingredients. She met a strange man wearing armor outside. Mr. Brag headed to the saloon, as did Hector.

It wasn't long before Hector met Ida Mae Hobart, a staunch teetotaler and leader of the Ladies Temperance Movement, who lectured him on the horrors of the devil's drink. Once she left (in a huff), Hector tried to stir up a bit of trouble - bringing some of the bar rabble over to harass Ida. They (mostly) declined, saying that the sheriff wouldn't be too pleased about people making trouble. Hector and his big mouth blurted out, "Well, why don't we just kill 'im, like we killed the last one?"

The room fell silent. Finally, one of the men patted Hector on the shoulder. "Y'might not want to go around sayin' that, son. I recon ol' Wyatt Earp wouldn't take kindly to that."

Hector quickly realized that maybe this wasn't the town to shoot up.

The "paladin", the strange man in armor, found a bill advertising a job - temporary deputy during Constitution Day celebrations. Abigail, visiting McCarty's City Drugstore, read the same poster; and Wilhelm came across the information through the priest he spoke to. Hector, meanwhile, decided to stay away. By the next day, each (except Hector) had each trooped through Earp's office, and were officially deputized. And a good thing, too...

After stopping a fight between Ralphie Simpkins, a local hothead, and Walter Jackson, a young black ex-Union soldier, the posse stopped over at Dog Eye's, the local saloon. Earlier, Hector met a tattered-looking fellow named Clayton Mansfield; well-spoken, if somewhat drunk.

Not long after, Hector caught Dog Eye's saloon gal, Suzy Winger, talking with a man she called Paul in the alley; Paul hurried off, and Suzy escorted Hector back to the saloon.

Abigail, meanwhile, has begun to pay off the local kids as unofficial spies; handing out dollars like candy, she quickly formed a speedy spy ring of eager, if somewhat grubby, children. Which paid off - one of those children called her to the scene of a crime! She and the paladin looked over the body - a rather grisly scene! The man had been neatly decapitated; his arms, too, were severed at the shoulders. Abigail quickly checked him over, and could tell that whoever had killed him had done it very quickly, and must have had great strength. Rather than a large chopping blade, the wounds were incurred with a smallish blade...

A further search turned up a letter, sewed into his clothes - the man, Paul Goodwin, was a Union spy! Abigail kept that information to herself. The saloon's barman and owner, Dog Eye himself, took Suzy to the local doctor.

Not long afterward, Ralphie got into another fight with Walter; this time, he broke Walter's arm! Nobody spoke up to rescue Walter - too afraid of Ralphie and his brother, the leaders of the Wilderness Riders - but nonetheless, Wilhelm and Hector hauled the both of them to jail. Though not until after Wilhelm healed Walter's arm. Clayton, the drunk Hector had met earlier staggered over, peered at the man's arm, and muttered, "Huh. Looked like a good clean break..." before belching in Wilhelm's face.

Ida Mae arrived, and contradicted Ralphie's story of Walter starting trouble; Jake sneered, but before tension could raise any higher, Wyatt Earp arrived and dispersed the crowd. He was none too pleased with the posse, though, allowing themselves to get drawn into a fight with the Wilderness Riders...

The next day, Abigail went to Wyatt with the news that the murder victim, Paul, had been a Union spy; as it turned out, Wyatt knew it all along. As long as Paul hadn't made trouble, Wyatt wasn't about to intervene.

Abigail and the paladin went to visit Suzy, but she was still hysterical. However, the doctor motioned them over and verified Abigail's initial hunch - the killer was strong, and knew his way around the human body.

After following some clues - including finding a scrap of cloth at the crime scene, and verifying that it was silk - the posse was called to yet another grisly murder. This time, though, Abigail and the paladin had figured out who the likely suspect was - none other than Clayton, the drunk! They searched his room, and found a small case - empty - and a collection of trunks and carpet bags - filled with heads, arms, and legs, sewn together into horrible monsters! They didn't waste a moment, and gathered the body parts up and locked them into a cell, leaving a message for Earp as to what they likely were.

At the scene of the murder, they found Ralphie - or at least, what was left of him. Hector emptied his stomach, as did some of the other townsfolk. A search of the area turned up nothing; the posse was left to sleep - if they could. Wyatt spoke to them in private, and advised them to find the killer before he struck again...

The next morning, the posse was roused by a call from the town doctor; Suzy was felling well enough to speak, finally. She told them what happened - the killer shoved open the door, knocking her back against the desk. When she regained her senses, she saw the killer stuffing Paul's head into a carpet bag. He leaped out of the window, and vanished.

The doctor had his own story to tell - ten years ago, at the Battle of Gettysburg, he had been working with the rebels, tending the injured, when he heard gunshots. He ran to the hospital tent and saw a man severing arms, legs, anything he could. He shouted and ran, and guards fired, but the bullets didn't seem to harm him; his last victim, a man named Ketchum, was the one who shot at him, even as the Butcher was removing Ketchum's eye. Ketchum survived, but so did the Butcher...

Abigail realized that this Butcher was likely the same creature who had been following her, and indeed the same creature who was terrorizing the town! Abigail quickly rounded up her informants, and sent them all to the drugstore, with instructions to the owner to keep the kids safe.

The posse kept an eye out for any trouble. Finally, it struck - the Butcher jumped down from the building he was standing on, and pulled a scalpel from his arm! Abigail let loose with a blast, but the bullets didn't seem to do much harm. The paladin charged in, knocking the creature aside; while he was going toe-to-toe with the thing, he wasn't making much headway. He managed to nearly sever the creature's hand with his sword, and the thing howled; Hector and Wilhelm moved into rifle range, and with a barrage of gunfire, finally severed the creature's hand. Immediately, the form reverted to that of Clayton, the drunk; Hector, taking no chances, fire twice: once at Clayton, and once at the scalpel. Clayton died immediately; the scalpel, however, seemed untouched, but a slow hairline fracture darted across the blade, then suddenly, it shattered into dust. Finally, the town was safe.

The next morning, Earp shook their hands; the body parts in the cell, as it turns out, came alive when the Butcher was out and about. He had personally burned every last one of them. He handed out their pay, collected their badges, and thanked them for their service - they likely saved numerous lives, and with Ralphie out of the way, the Wilderness Gang would likely be less of a problem.

Meanwhile, it was finally time to leave. A message arrive from the train station - their train would depart in an hour.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Deadlands: Night Train Part II

The posse got together and headed out. They had one chance to save the citizens of the town - if they could make it to the train on time.

Thanks to Dr. Seigal's steam wagon, they made it in the nick of time; the train was plowing along at top speed. After a failed jump, the posse managed to rip up a rope; everyone but Ms. Winston clambered aboard the coal car. Oddly, there was no coal to be found, even though there were two coal cars; Hector suggested the train may be running on ghost rock, same as Dr. Seigal's wagon.

Hector, Ulysses, Ross, and the deputy made their way down the train; after some discussion, it was decided that Hector and Ross would rescue the prisoners, while Ulysses and the deputy would try to stop the train.

The first shotgun-blast to the face neatly removed the zombie's head; it fell to the ground... and then got up again! Abigail boarded the train, and managed to dodge behind the zombie engineer and start throwing levers, knocking him down. A few more shotgun blasts, and the engineer was in small enough pieces to be able to be thrown into the furnace. Which, indeed, contained a solitary piece of ghostrock. After some careful work decoding the controls for the train, Abigail and Ulysses managed to set the engine to full speed, and quickly disembarked.

Back at the rear of the train, Hector and Ross found the prisoners - most of them, anyway. Those that put up a fight were impaled on hooks, hanging from chains; the rest were dumped in piles on the floor. Closing the door, the two managed to decouple the box-car with the prisoners in it, slowing as the rest of the train took off.

However, their troubles weren't over; two of the nosferatu were on board! Hector's thick armor managed to protect him well enough, but Ross took a blow to the guts. The first monster went down, at least temporarily, but the second monster swiped a hole in Ross's insides. Ross fell, never to rise again. Hector quickly finished the second monster, then beheaded the two creatures before they could rise again. He began dragging the dead to one side of the train car, only to find his old friend, Abner Knaggs! Who, of course, was well on his way to transforming into another vampire. A few well-placed bullets fixed that.

After the engine was rigged, those aboard jumped down onto the steam wagon, which turned and headed back to the boxcar. Through the entire episode, the two cars full of sleeping vampires were never wakened; it was as if they went bust on every single roll they made.

As they were loading the victims onto the wagon, they heard an explosion in the distance - the engine! For a moment, it looked as if dawn came early; whatever was aboard was surely dead.

The trip back to town was slower, but uneventful; upon their return, the deputy made good on his word, and gave them each a reward for the rescued townspeople.

It wasn't long before the posse's own train arrived - but in a condition much the worse for wear! A huge scrape down the side of the engine resembled a giant claw mark; one of the secure box cars was gone (presumably delivered), but the other was grazed by scratches and bullet holes.

The guards were quiet about the damage, but said that they would need to make repairs in Dodge City. They welcomed Abigail aboard, after a bit of confusion when she asked for a room to perform experiments directly after stating she was a doctor. After she explained she was also a chemist, the guard looked relieved, and showed her to her berth.

With the steam wagon back aboard, the train huffed and wheezed, slowly pulling away from the station and heading towards Dodge City. A few miles up, the wreckage of the Night Train was still smoking; apart from a few badly-burned corpses and a lot of twisted metal, nothing salvageable remained. The train cleanly jumped the tracks, fell into a small valley, and burned everything inside a ghostrock-fueled fireball. The engine itself was little more than a pair of wheels.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Vampires and Vamoosin'

Last we left the heroes, they were facing a horde of rather nasty creatures - Nosferatu! The creatures streamed out of the black train...

However, before I continue the tale, I must tell of three new characters tat have joined the ranks:

First, Dr. Abigail Winston, a skilled surgeon; while somewhat elderly, the good doctor is actually quite adept at scaling walls. Oddly so, even.

Next is Slain Ross, a somewhat cowardly fellow with some interesting tricks up his sleeves.

And finally, Ulyssess Brag... a failed politician.

Now, back to the action!

Dr. Robert Seigal's Steam Wagon
The nose-ferrets - er, Nosferatu - streamed off the train. As they reached the streets of Varney Flats, they began splitting up, heading into the various homes and businesses. Abigail and Slain heard the whistle of the train and awoke; Abigail climbed out her window onto the roof, and Slain headed for the stairs, hoping to get a good view. Though Hector and Wilhelm weren't sure what the creatures were, they knew they were bad news. Dr. Seigal, meanwhile, took his steam-car out for a quick spin in the prairie, and missed all the action...

Varney Flats, KS; population: less than yesterday
Wilhelm and Hector had climbed onto the Land Office; as the creatures began running down the street, they started picking them off, though they quickly realized the creatures could take a lot of damage! Four entered the saloon, and began grabbing people; Wilhelm shot one of the creatures, attracting its attention, and soon he and Hector were in a battle for their lives! Two of the creatures grabbed the bartender and a drunk customer and high-tailed it back to the train; another took a chest full of buckshot and went down. The third had its leg shot out from under it, then its other leg, then the first leg again, then an arm... it was having a bad day. It's day didn't get better, either.

Meanwhile, at the Palace Saloon, Slain decided he was having none of this, and shadow-walked over to the top of the Dentist, where he covered himself in straw and blended in like a chameleon.

Dr. Abigail was having a little worse luck. Her first sight of the creatures spooked her; it took quite a while until she could get he breath, and by the time she did, one of the creatures had come up the stairs and grabbed her! Using her knowledge of medicine, she pulled out a large knife and, with two quick chops, severed the creature's spine. The light went out of its eyes, and it sank to the ground, ungracefully dumping the doctor to the floor.

The creature Wilhelm shot began to move, slowly getting to its feet. Wilhelm coolly emptied his shotgun into the creature's face, splattering it all over the walls. That'll take some time to clean up - and the creature wasn't coming back from that, either. The now-headless body slumped to the ground. Hector returned his attention to the previously disabled creature outside the saloon.

The townsfolk finally managed to pull themselves together, and began fighting back; as shots rang out, the train whistle blew again, and the creatures scurried back to the train.

Hector caught sight of the engineer - and recognized him! His old train-robbing buddy, "Redeye" Dawson! Last he'd heard, ol' Redeye was headed to New Mexico with his ill-gotten gains. Hector decided that a bullet through the brain-pan was the best hope for his old friend; living as a zombie was worse than no life at all.

The entire town held an impromptu meeting in front of the Palace Saloon; people went door to door, waking anyone who slept through the noise (including Mr. Brag). A dozen people had been kidnapped, and two more had been killed by the creatures - Clarence Johnson, the telegraph operator, and Keat Busterson, a buffalo hunter who was in the Land Office. Among those kidnapped was - of course - Abner Knaggs, the good-for-nothing criminal the posse had protected from lynching just a few hours earlier.

Parrish, the deputy, turned to the newcomers for help. "I'll offer you the same deal on Knaggs - the whole $100 in gold eagles, if you can bring him back alive. More importantly, I'll pay you $20 each for any citizens you can rescue. And... and I'm goin' with you." It seems the deputy had grown a backbone after all.

The posse agreed - if somewhat reluctantly. The money was good, and the creatures needed stopped. Dr. Seigal, in a somewhat serendipitous occasion, returned from his test drive just in time. The posse began to load up to chase the train. The tracks curve to get around a large hill; a hard ride (or drive) across four miles of prairie should intercept the train.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Deadlands: The Adventure Begins

A gunfighter, a mad scientist, and a Catholic priest walk into a train station...

That's how our adventure began; the scientist was looking for a way west, and trying to save his fuel. The priest was heading west to save the lost. The gunfighter... well, he was bored, probably.

The three met up on a train out of Longview, Texas, and headed to Dallas; on the way, they encountered a drifter who had been possessed by... something. He killed a child, then engaged them in a fight, ranging across the top of the train. Though he took quite a few shots, he seemed hardly phased by them; finally, they shot him hard enough to knock him off the train.

They searched high and low, including underneath the train, but there were no signs of the creature. Hopefully, that is the last they would see if him.

At the station in Dallas, Hector (the gunfighter) found a flyer, asking for assistance in guarding a shipment. The mad scientist (Dr. Robert Seigal) saw a different flyer, advertising a science fair in Salt Lake City! Overjoyed, he had his car loaded back onto the train, and was happy to assist Hector in guarding the train. The priest, realizing they would need spiritual oversight, signed on as well.

The trip headed back east, to where the Dixie Line met up with the Black River Line. At that station, Hector spotted a familiar face - on a wanted poster. Two friends of his were wanted for $500, and a third gunman - likely Hector - was wanted for $1000! He shrugged, grabbed the posters as a souvenir, and boarded the train. The details of the train hold-up he was wanted for were a bit hazy, but the name Baron Simone LaCroix seemed familiar.

The journey as far as Kansas's border was uneventful. Once they were there, though, the first water station they encountered was unmanned; they found signs of a struggle, and eventually, the station-master, stuffed into the lone outhouse. Spooked, they finally gave the train the go-ahead, refueled, and headed onward.

Their next encounter was in Varney Flats, a one-horse town run by a mayor with lofty goals but lowly means. The engineer told the posse they should stay in town; the train had a few pick-ups and drop-offs to make, and their presence wasn't needed. They left the passenger cars on a side track, taking the other cars with them.

Meanwhile, the sheriff of Varney Flats was missing, and the deputy was worried that the Mayor would try to lynch his prisoner - a nasty brute. Hector and the mad scientist went searching for the sheriff, but only found an abandoned homestead, and some familiar tracks - the same they had seen at the water station!

Returning to town, they learned from the priest (Wilhelm Metzger) that the mayor was planning on lynching the lone prisoner - a nasty fellow, to be sure. Hector was all for standing aside, but the priest talked him out of it. As the deputy headed for hills, the mayor stepped up to argue with the posse...

It didn't go well. The mayor, surrounded by friends, was sure he had the fighters outnumbered; but the fast guns of Hector and the mounted gatling gun on the mad scientist's steam-wagon proved far overwhelming to the meager weapons of the townsfolk. In seconds, the mayor and all but two of his thugs were dead.

Hector trussed up the minions, then headed to the saloon. The mad scientist returned to tinkering with his wagon, and the priest kept an eye on the three prisoners. Near 1 AM, a shriek broke the quiet night. Five minutes later, it sounded again, closer - a train whistle! The train pulled into the station, and as the brakes hissed, a shrill scream tore through the night air. A moment later, the train's doors opened, and a flood of pale, sharp-toothed creatures poured out - vampires!

The Night Train had reached the station!


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