Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Deadlands: The Ship

After a fruitful day of buying, trading, winning prizes, and stopping huge whirlwind generators, the party was ready to move on. Taking the offer of a local inventor of electric cars, they left town in the strange machine and headed into the Utah Deseret desert.

Come nightfall, the vehicle slowed to a stop. Not a hundred yards away was the dried-out hull of a huge ship! After some investigation, they found a hole into the interior. Their new friend, an animal trainer named Enrique, carefully walked up the side of the ship, balancing on the fallen mast. On board, he found... rats. Lots and lots of rats. Not normal rats, either - these rats were strange, disfigured, and most decidedly undead rats. He quickly fled the ship, which they then burned to the ground. It went up in smoke, burning so bright and hot they could feel the heat from the safety of the electric car. And inside, they saw Things thrashing and dying...

Once the ship had burned away to nothing, the group began poking through the ruins, uncovering a few coins here and there. Suddenly, with a crash and a cloud of dust, a tunnel under the ship opened up! And out came a huge creature, its eyes burning red, its skin hanging off it like a rug. An undead steer!

Undeterred, the paladin strode forward, meeting its charge. The battle was fast; the paladin swung his sword in a tight arc, chopping the beast nearly in half.

Hector and Enrique volunteered to go down into the hole. Inside, they found some undead creatures, which they fought off, and finally discovered the home of what was most likely the captain of the ship. Enrique briefly witnessed terrible images in his head of the captain and his crew capturing natives, enslaving them and murdering the rest...

In another room, they found a gold bowl; Hector, realizing it was likely cursed when it started to glow, blasted it with his shotgun. The bowl shattered, rocking the cave. A terrible screech filled the caverns!

Hector bolted for the entrance, leaving Enrique behind. Unfortunately, the entrance had collapsed; Hector ran the other direction, with Enrique tripping and stumbling behind, barely making it through the falling ceilings, half of which he was causing at this point.

Hector found light, and was able to leap up to a ledge, calling for help. The others dragged him up. He shouted, "There are zombies in there! Shoot them!"

Kiri, happy to be able to use some of her dynomite, tossed a stick into the hole. Enrique, surprised but still alive, tried to toss it back... and missed. While, somehow, he managed to survive the dynamite... the ceiling crushed him.

Once again, they set off towards civilization; the electric car started up when the last of the cavern had fallen in, and away they went.

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