Monday, October 23, 2017

Supers: Meanwhile, in Another Part of Town

A new superhero organization has formed. It is made up of... well, unfortunately, I completely forgot to write down who everyone is, and for that I appologize. Anyway.

Their base is carefully hidden in the Bahamas; a large, state of the art facility, well hidden, with access locally and by teleport. The teleporter can lock onto their security badge and teleport them to and from the base from anywhere in the world. Additionally, anyone without a badge will activate the security system: turret laser guns, or heavy flamethrowers. Their generator keeps everything running off the grid. Inside is a spacious command center, a workshop, a kitchen/dining room, a medical center, and personal quarters for 8. In case of capturing a super-powered individual, they have a single nullifier cell.

Shortly after the attack on Chicago, the group set out to assist the nearest Foundation base. They found the structure under attack, with human-sized mechs finishing off three survivors outside the building. Joining the fight, they saved the lives of Jeremiah Wong, a magic user, and Joe Franklin, aka Fire and Ice; Joe can split into two beings, one fire-based, and the other cold-based. After rescuing the two (or three, when Joe is split), they joined forces to defend the base, moving to the opposite side.

There, they found a large mech, surrounded by 6 different mechs, each with a special ability; the Exploding Man was quickly taken out, but the rest of the group managed to survive. The large mech took the Exploding Man hostage inside. The special mechs were destroyed, and the large mech was nearly defeated, when something came rocketing out of the damaged building, nearly knocking over the group's own spellcaster. The speeding form and the damaged mech were both teleported away...

Inside the damaged building, they found a locked room; the rescued mage contacted someone inside, and a young woman opened the door. Inside, the windowless rooms seemed to be decorated as a mundane apartment, complete with children's toys on the floor.

As the team discovered, the woman, Susan LaGrange, was taking care of a young girl, about ten years old. While Susan declined to explain why the girl was under protection, she did show off some of her own skills - Susan has Cybernetic enhancements, which she uses to great effect to protect her young charge. She cautioned the group against prying too hard into the little girl's abilities. Whatever the reason, the enemy forces seem set on finding the young girl.

Thus, the team offered to protect her; with the Foundation under attack, the hidden base may be the safest place for the girl to be.

Who are these Nazi attackers? Where did they come from? What do they want with a little girl - and what power does the girl possess? What are the names of our heroes, and why does the GM never think to write them down? All these questions and more will be answered this week, on Supers!

XP this week: 1 point for successfully defeating the mechs, and 1 point for agreeing to protect the girl.

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