Monday, July 30, 2018

Tempus Frigate: Oops, Did I Be That?

While Julian and Samuel explored the pirate base, the others cautiously filed out of their rooms. Daisy got upset at Julian, seeing as how he left the ship with only 8% working systems. It would take a drydock to get everything back online.

She, Henry, Charles, and Amy put on their suits (Charles luckily remembered to put his guns on the outside of his suit) and space-walked into the pirates' base. Whoever was there originally seemed to have either fled or died; there was no more noise from them, at any rate.

Julian and Henry picked a different door, and continued through it. This one lead to a large, heavy door - the entrance to the mining operation. Inside, they found a lot of broken and abandoned equipment, and a very well-secured door, with a strange image on it:
Of course, it wasn't labeled or anything, so they had no idea what it was... but if it needed a strong door like that to keep it from getting out, then chances are, it should be left alone. They headed back to the main entrance.

Meanwhile, Daisy and Charles were sorting through the parts, prioritizing what they needed. This being Daisy, she also took a lot of stuff she didn't need, but just in case, right?

Julian and Henry next found a row of offices, and then the security building. Meanwhile, Amy, Charles, and Samuel headed for the last door, and found some interesting treasure - artwork, books, and other tangible, but non-liquid items (as the accountant would put it). At the end of the hallway, they found several barrels, similar to the ones Julian had found earlier. These were marked Repair #37 (4), Repair #12 (1), Replication #7 (2), and Experimental #119 (1). Each had the same symbol as the door marked on it. The barrel they opened seemed to contain a fine gray dust. After some debate and experimentation, Julian tested out his remote - the barrels were full of nanites! Daisy immediately began using the nanites to repair the ship; Cleo suggested that maybe, they might want to make haste, as the pirates were due back any moment.

It was that moment Echo showed up. Just a kid, he had stowed away when they were last in their base, having arrived from the year 2107.

With some money, they take the ship to 2882, where Daisy continues repairs. Henry, meanwhile, gained some new eyes, and lost his fancy helmet; he was a little weirded out by the fact that the doctor that saw him was... not there. Remote, or android? You decide!

Daisy, tired of poking the nanites along, hooked the remote up to Cleo, and suddenly repairs were taking place in the blink of an eye! Once Henry returned, Julian called a ship meeting, suggesting that perhaps he should be made captain, with Henry as first mate. Daisy is not entirely for it; Henry seemed ok with it, and managed to convince Daisy that they will still be fighting the bad guys. Amy suggests that the next time they see Capt. Kay, they try again; Julian agrees, though likely with his fingers crossed...

In the warehouse, Julian and Henry poke around, eventually finding a small room at the back, with a cot and part of a timeline. Interestingly, even their recent escapades were noted on the timeline, as if someone had forecast their actions. They took the timeline, and were poking around some more when suddenly, someone tried to break open the door! Henry raced back to the ship, and Julian (in his fancy suit) zipped past him, grabbing the kid on the way past. The Tempus Frigate closed her door just as the warehouse door crashed open, revealing AlSec agents, who began pouring in! With the shields up, small arms fire did little to harm them; Cleo opened the roof of the warehouse, and gunned it the moment some agents began setting up a shield-busting weapon. Wrenching the doors slightly, the ship jumped for the past, narrowly missing a rather large battleship cruising in.

With the engines barely functioning, and the time drive on the fritz, they had no idea where they were heading... or when. The ship blinked back into the timestream about a desert; only Daisy's expert piloting managed to land the ship in one piece, though it temporarily shut down the shields and jostled everyone around a bit. However, the damage was enough to wreck some of the more delicate patches in place, and Cleo suddenly went offline. Worse, one of the barrels of Replicate #7 broke open, and the nanites escaped through the ship, heading into the wild!

Careful tracking found only that the nanites had been given some gibberish signals; they were well and truly gone. There was nothing left but to figure out where they were, and all they had was a set of coordinates, and no way to check them. At least they knew when they were: June 13th, 1947.

Amy racked her brain... why did that date seem familiar? Suddenly, she realized - they were in New Mexico. Specifically, Roswell, New Mexico. They were the Roswell Crash!

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