Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Golden Microphone Part II + Greek Tragedy

Joining the party are two transfer students. The first is Zander Koch, a 19 year old from Quemado, majoring in Military Science, and the second... I'm not sure about, actually. I'll update when I get that info.

Monday, Jan. 21st

While there wasn't much info on the thief, the group learned of an earlier attempt to steal the microphone. As it happens, Lurk Until Dawn was interviewing a few bikers that had purportedly seen a UFO, and the bikers dished out some street justice to the would-be thief. Tracking the bikers down to a bar, the party (now consisting of Will, Zander, and Alistair) sent Will inside. After an awkward introduction, Will managed to learn of the prior thief's place of work - the old Petroleum building, in the downtown. Quickly heading there, they found the thief's beat-up blue Ford parked nearby.

They had done their research - the building was registered to a supposedly clean business, called The Ring, and run by the shady Victor Pryce, the slimy Timo DeKlerk, and the sleazy Chet Addicks. The three ran some sort of investment and research firm, if the business registration was to be believed.

After installing a walkie-talkie app on their phones, and leaving Zander keeping a lookout, Will and Alistair infiltrated the building, bluffing their way past the two guards. Inside, they rifled through some drawers, picked a lock, and generally poked around, but found very little of interest. Most of the entry room was covered with plastic, and it looked like there was a lot of work going on, including building some new walls.

The thief, meanwhile, left the room he was in, heading for the bathroom. The two slipped into the room he had been waiting in, finding nothing but a single plastic-covered object in the center of the room. They didn't have time to investigate, however, as the thief returned! Startled by Alistair, the thief was caught entirely off guard by Will, who grabbed him in a choke hold! After a moment, the thief collapsed. Rifling through his pockets, the duo liberated some petty cash, and rescued the golden microphone! They also stole his keys... After some careful thought, they tied him up and dumped him in the bathroom.

They radioed Zander, who was busy trying to be sneaky, but ended up being spotted; he clicked a response back, and the two crept out of the building, dashing away without the two guards noticing them. Tossing the thief's keys into a storm drain, they returned to their vehicles, they sped back to the radio station and returned the borrowed laptop, as well as the golden microphone. Overjoyed, the station manager gave each member of the team a $50 bill, and his thanks.

After their adventures, it made Alistair's Valentines' Day seem almost tame by comparison. Michele even baked him a cake! Awww. So cute. The knife, though... not so much.

Dead Dave (Thursday, Feb. 28)
Hoping to find a good society to join, Alistair invited Zander and Will along to scope out the society houses. It's just after a soccer game, and the perfect time for the societies to throw a huge collective party, in the hopes of doing a little unofficial pre-Rush recruiting. Eventually, they ended up at Delta Epsilon Delta.

A charming young man introduced himself as Vance Crawford, and took them on a tour of the house, pointing out trophies and awards they had won, and mentioning a number of semi-famous people who were part of the fraternity. Getting them some nice steaks on the grill, Vance got a phone call, and had to step outside. Hardly a minute had passed before the group felt a chill in the air... and a figure stepped up to them. Cheerfully, the newcomer nodded in the direction of Vance, and said, "Man, you gotta watch out for that guy, he can be a real killer sometimes! Ha ha! I'm Dave, by the way, Dave Dalton."

He joked with the group for a few minutes, pointing out the room at the top of the stairs - the "Love Shack", as he called it. Leaning in conspiratorially, he added, "I totally set up a video camera in there that catches all the action, if you know what I mean!"

Just then, Vance returned, calling out to them from across the room. When they looked around, Dave had disappeared. Vance apologized, saying that he had been called away for a bit, but that he was glad to meet the crew. He waved, and headed out. Looking around the room, the three eventually spotted a picture of Dave, with "June 12, 1997 - Sept. 13, 2017" written underneath; they flagged down a member of the fraternity and asked about it. He nodded, relaying the "sad tale." It seems that a year and a half ago, Dave was messing around with another frat brother's girlfriend, but ended up committing suicide out of guilt. The girlfriend dropped out and moved away. They pressed for more details, but the man shrugged. "I dunno, I joined this year, so it's like, history to me. Ask Vance - it was his girlfriend."

Correctly surmising that Dave was, in fact, a ghost, Alistair and Will called GlenMac, who excitedly began setting up ghost hunting equipment near the table. The commotion - fueled by Alistair - allowed Will and Zander to get into the room next to the Love Shack, and quickly hunt through the air vent. They found a camcorder, though its battery was long dead, and it used firewire and a digital tape rather than SD cards. After rifling through the frat brother's stuff a bit (and finding he had interesting tastes in adult entertainment), they crept out of the room, signaling to Alistair that they were done. Meanwhile, Michele showed up, wondering why Alistair was avoiding her. He apologized; luckily, it was open dorms, and the four walked back to Alistair's dowm, where he had a few charge cables. The cable from the previously-destroyed camera happened to fit, and after a few minutes of charging, they rewound the tape. While Alistair distracted Michele, likely by discussing her dreams for the future, Will and Zander watched the tape. A minute or two after the tape started, Dave walked into the sparsely-furnished room, leading a young woman. They talked, then started making out; just as things were getting heated, the door flew open! There in the doorway, barely in the shot, was none other than Vance! He screamed in rage, and drawing a gun, fired at Dave! Dave fall back onto the bed as the young woman screamed. Vance waved the gun in her face. "If you so much as breathe a word to anyone, I will straight-up kill you. You understand? Not. One. Word. Get out of here - I don't ever want to see your face again!"

The young woman grabbed her clothing and dashed out of the room. With a heavy sigh, Vance holstered his gun, then wrapped Dave in the bed-sheets - including the plastic sheet underneath. He hefted the body onto his shoulder, then hauled it out of the room. The rest of the tape showed the empty room, until the tape was full and the battery died...

Unanimously, the group decided to hand the tape over to the police - after making a copy, of course. They claimed it had been turned in to a lost-and-found, and they dug it out and discovered the evidence. The police immediately arrested Vance on murder charges, and thanked the group for their help. Alistair, as it happens, was not invited to that fraternity...

A few days later, Alistair got a knock at his door. Outside was a man and a woman; the man introduced himself as Kit Mueller, and his partner Deana Scolaidhe, both FBI agents. He asked a few questions, seeming interested in the supernatural aspects of the case; he seemed to have already figured out it wasn't just a tape from the lost and found. After some friendly questions, he left his card, with the suggestion to call him if anything else weird showed up.

Over the next few weeks, Will and Alistair told the other members of their group the various adventures they had experienced. Halfway through telling them about the bank robbers, Will suddenly made a connection - Jake Busar, the bank robber! He must be the Jake B. in the picture! If the girl was Monica Dragic, and the man behind her her father, Morgan Dragic, that only left two members of the photo to find - the white-haired man, and the slightly irritated man off to the side... However Jackson managed to get a hold of this picture, it was certainly related to his disappearance. Hopefully, cracking that mystery would solve the greater one - where was Jackson Green?

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