Thursday, November 28, 2019

Did Someone Say Crusade?

After the bloody conclusion of the BlueStar cult, our intrepid "heroes" managed a decent night's sleep, with no further complications... Apart from Alistair, who ended up with the Bloodthirsty hindrance.

The next morning, the news informed them of the death count (21) and the fact that the FBI, the Texas Rangers, and the ATF were involved. Michele, having checked where Alistair was, demanded to know what happened; he told her a somewhat clean version. He also called Kit, their FBI buddy, and explained what happened. Kit promised to keep things under his hat for the time being, especially since he was sure there were shape changers, and had recovered pieces of the shattered staff. Finally, he confessed to his priest, who is beginning to wonder if he is actually just crazy.

Meanwhile, it was midterms! With his injuries, Alistair was sadly unable to pass all his exams; the others managed to pass, barely. Or with ease, in Will's case...

Not long afterward, they visited a job fair, and meet a tall, thin man, dressed in black, with some... Odd mannerisms. Especially since he said that it was a pleasure to meet the group "in person." He handed them a card with a little symbol on the back, something like a crop circle, and his name and number: Agent Peregrine Cycle, 1-575-624-6754#AA56. A little research turned up nothing for the symbol, but the number turned up a website - this website, actually. The City of Roswell, NM's Safety Department's website. An excerpt:

  • Manages safety related activities within the city departments and the interpretation of state and federal policies and standards as they apply to city operations.
  • Develops, implements and coordinates safety and loss prevention programs and principals.
  • Maintains records related to injuries and incidents for all departments and prepares reports and analysis of injury incidents to departments and state/federal agencies.
  • Identifies hazards or hazardous conditions and assists in elimination of those conditions to protect employees and the public.
  • Conducts inspections of facilities, presents reports of conditions and recommends corrective actions.
  • Conducts investigation of general liability claims and processes those claims locally or with insurance agencies.
After they moved on, they spied the man leaving after speaking with the military recruiters. Strange...

Alistair, irritated with his frequent injuries and desiring something to avoid the downsides, began looking for a more, er, medical solution; he made contact with the Greek St. drug dealer - the same fellow who had been working with the Ring - and after deciding against buying meth, purchased a single tablet of a drug called Captagon, intending to run some tests on it.

A few weeks later, they were heading back from a study session when they heard a scream - a trio of imps were harassing some students! The group charged forward, and the imps turned to fight them. Halfway through the fight, three guys with ski masks and baseball bats charged in to help; afterward, their leader explained that they were the Sword of Adam, there to protect the campus from the increasing threat of evil. While it was the first time they fought "demons", they had already taken on other threats to the campus, like an armed bike thief and a pair of vehicle thieves. They invited the group to join them on their next night of driving off evil-doers - they had something big planned.

That night, Alistair (with the help of Priya) created four vials of "holier water" to use.

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