Thursday, April 16, 2020

Blue Shyster Cult

Something was brewing; strange effects began occurring on campus, and before long, the group caught wind of something heading south from Oklahoma. Whatever it was, it left a trail of cultists and freakish magical - I mean, nanite - destruction in its wake.

Their suspicions were confirmed when they were contacted by Kit, from the FBI, and by Chelsea Gloster, photographer for Cryptid Underground. Kit suggested that the reports that the thing responsible was the antichrist may be true, while Chelsea was absolutely sure that it was due to the same aliens she thought had abducted her before.

As it turned out... Kit was a little closer to the truth.

Two very familiar faces showed up on campus, trying to cast a ritual that would harness the growing ley line energy: Xulián Bruxo, leader of the BlueStar cult, and his right-hand man, Raoul Tolemo.

Raoul was struck down by James before he could cast more than a single spell; the cultists were quickly dispatched, though the group realized that they seemed to control the shield protecting Bruxo. As James pounded away on the shield, the others took out the cultists, with Priya knocking out the last man... and Bruxo zapping him with lighting to finish powering up his shield. Not that it did any good; the constant barrage of wrenches, spears, rifle, and katana tore through the energy protecting him in short order. As he screamed out-of-context Bible verses to "prove" that he was the anti-Christ, James gave him a new head wound. Screaming in rage, Bruxo's skin crackled and charred, as he was consumed from within by blue flame. His screams faded into nothingness as the last of the cold flames flickered out on James' favorite wrench. Lightning flashed down as everyone dove for cover.

A little medical assistance from Priya set everyone right, though the crispy cultists were far too long-gone. About that time, Kit showed up. Recognizing the body of Raoul Tolemo, he promised to leave the students' names out of his report, and spin it as one last ritual gone wrong for the cult - already in the news from the massacre last year.

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