Monday, June 1, 2020

Back From The Grave

As graduation draws nearer, so do the ley lines. Last-minute project failures aren't exactly uncommon, but it seems much worse this year; even the ultra-prepared are having trouble getting software and hardware alike working. Last week, the campus transformer blew out... twice. It's still 4 weeks until Convergence, and looming finals aren't helping anything.

Friday, the 8th of April, 2022, four weeks before graduation. It's midnight on a Friday; for once, everything seems to be working as it should be, so the group decided to blow off some steam at a Greek St. frat party. Just as the group met up, James caught sight of a shadowy figure, lurking in the darkness between two houses... He charged in, with Alistair right behind him, and the others trailing a little more cautiously. As James drew near, the creature snarled, then dashed... through the wall? James didn't recognize the creature, but Alistair did - Shadow, from Paccu Mansion!

The two dashed around the corner and in the back door, then headed upstairs... which looked suspiciously like a Pac Man maze. They wound through the passages until they came to the creature, standing at the end of the hall. With a shriek, it rushed towards them, but was rapidly bludgeoned into mist. The room returned to normal.

Regrouping outside, Priya spotted another creature - a hideous, bug-like monster - Eddie Ruiz! But wasn't he dead? James charged ahead, though the creature seemed intent on heading for Priya. Will passed James, and managed to land a blow; RC splatted a large number of bugs it summoned, as did Priya; James managed to get a couple blows in before Priya finished it off. This time, it seemed a whole lot tougher than before... and a lot more... moldy?

They didn't have long to contemplate before they heard a scream, just up the road. Some quick investigation revealed a were-tiger! It leaped out, but coordinated efforts put it down, hard.

Panting, they looked around, waiting for the next big nasty to jump out at them. They jumped when Will's phone rang - it was Leslie, once again asking for help. She was in her office, and a man was holding her hostage, and forced her to call.

At the offices of Cryptid Underground, everything seemed normal, except a crack/scrape in a hallway wall; once they opened the door, however, Dr. Miller, freshly in his werewolf form, bared his teeth... as a hulking frost demon crashed down behind them!

Will and Alistair fended off the werewolf, as the others attacked the frost demon; it beat James fairly severely, and handed out one or two wounds to the others as well. Will, finally, managed to chop through the werewolf, and turned to help just as the huge demon collapsed into ice and ash.

Priya managed to bind some of James' wounds, but only time would heal the rest.

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