Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tempus Frigate: Hot and Breathless

Arriving at the outer airlock door, Daisy immediately began searching for an access panel, and hacked in with ease. After a short wander down a hallway, the group found themselves staring at the back of a rather large mech - a walker, actually!

Julius crept by, his suit making him nearly invisible. Past the mech was a human-sized door; sneaking inside, he found two techs, working at the controls. Drawing his mono-filament knife, he stabbed one, and grabbed the other around the neck! After a short struggle, he killed the second tech. One by one, the crew sneak past the walker, who manages to not spot a single one of them. Even Daisy's cartoonish sneaking managed to get past the apparently sleeping driver.

Until Samuel Green, that is. Only he and Henry were left; as he tried to creep past, he must have made some sort of noise, because the huge machine finally spotted him. As it turned to fire, it caught sight of the others, hiding in the control room! It fired its cannon at Samuel, then hosed down both he and the others with its flamethrowers! Luckily for Samuel, the cannon missed... but unluckily, the flamethrower did not. His suit burned beyond recognition, he collapsed; Caelie dragged him into the control room. As Henry booked it past, everyone ducked out the other door, just out of range of the next gout of flames.

A few minutes of first aid later, and everyone was at least stabilized; Samuel was still down for the count, but at least he wasn't bleeding out. Though... the direct blast of flames had removed his lower anatomy. Specifically, his reproductive anatomy.

As the somewhat singed crew made their way down the hallway, they came across a door with an interesting symbol: a line with a starburst at the end, and a second symbol with a lightning bolt. Opening the door revealed a bank of electrical equipment; every few minutes, an arc of electricity accompanied a building light-source. They shut the door before the light was entirely blinding...

Next they found two very useful entrances: first, a hangar bay, and second, a medical facility. The medical bay's occupants were quickly dispatched, and Samuel was set up on a healing table, as the other wounded were tended to.

Daisy, Henry, and Julius went across the hall to the hangar bay. Daisy, no good in a firefight, decided to take a closer look at one of the large mechs - a flying design with sharp talons and mounted lasers. She managed to figure out the controls, and took off. As Julius and Henry took out the techs, Daisy decided to get into a fist fight with the ship's defensive turrets. Ha! Who brings a laser turret to a fist fight? She tore the two turrets off the wall.

Samuel, meanwhile, managed to recover. His first thought as he woke up was that he needed to devise a heist to steal back his family jewels from his younger self... "He didn't use them anyway, and I need them!"

The fight over, Daisy went exploring, kicking in doors with her hallway-filling mech. Julius peeked inside each one. Just as he was checking out the observation deck, Daisy turned a corner and was met with a hail of heavy gunfire! She doubled back and rushed past Julius, yelling, "They're shooting at me!"

Now... in her defense, Daisy is from the 1930s. She really didn't know there wasn't air in space. As she rushed past Julius, she opened fire on the observation window, and slammed into it at full force. Julius only just managed to turn on his mag-boots before the air in the room was sucked out into space!

Right behind him were two of the four heavy gunners, but unfortunately, they didn't exactly have mag boots. As the decompression doors slammed shut, the two gunners were flung into space. Julius flapped in the wind like a flag, slamming against the deck, but luckily managed to hang on long enough for the outrushing of air to stop.

And on that cliffhanger, we will rejoin you next week!

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