Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tempus Frigate: Mech Tech Mash Test Makes Mass Mess

Floating outside in the serene emptiness of space, Daisy decided to do a little recon. The observation window was set into a shallow on the side of the enormous space station's hull; flying to the outside of the area revealed a number of super-heavy quad laser turrets, and shielded anti-missile minigun placements. After some exploratory shots, Daisy realized the miniguns were too tough to blast away, and with them in place, she was a prime target. Chagrined, she headed back to the observation window. A second observation window proved much tougher to enter - the glass was hardened against outside entrance - and so she returned to the smashed window.

Julius managed to get himself upright, and was checking himself for bruises. Seeing her return, he unleashed a stream of what was intended to be verbal lashing, but mostly was just waving his arms around - his coms were temporarily damaged. Oblivious, Daisy explained the gun placements, and squeezed past him into the hallway. She sized up the door for any possibility of shooting through it...

Meanwhile, in the medbay, Caelie, Samuel, Henry, and Charles tried to figure out why the door suddenly slammed shut. Caelie contacted Daisy on coms, who filled her in on her actions. After the collective facepalm from the occupants of the medbay, Daisy added, "And I'm going to try to shoot through these doors!"

Before Caelie could stop her, she fired, cracking open the decompression doors! Confused by the hiss of air, Daisy fired into the opening blindly - "There are snakes on the other side!"

Thankfully, once Julius moved out of the observation deck and moved the broken door, the decompression shields were able to slam shut, and the air quickly equalized. Pressure restored, the med bay door opened, and the only-slightly-woozy Samuel stumbled out, supported by the others.

With two of the gunners gone, Julius was able to successfully sneak down the hallway, and knifed the other two gunners. Around the next corner were a number of well-armed AlSec agents; co-opting the heavy guns, the party began firing at the agents. The flying mech proved to be quite resilient, and soon, the squad was dealt with - including a fellow in heavy power armor.

Julius, lusting after the well-armored suit, used his black chip o keep it at least somewhat functioning... it'll need repair, of course, but here are its stats:

Heavy power armor: $2,221,000
Armor :16
Jump Pack: jump up to 2x pace horizontal, 1x pace vertical
Self Sealing: holes caused by taking 1 or 2 wounds are automatically sealed
Strength Enhancement: +3 die types
Targeting System: remove -2 of any ranged attack penalty
3x Strength Enhancement (raise player's strength die type 3 times)
Grenade launcher: 24/48/96, RoF 1, 20 shots, any grenade
Auto cannon, medium: AP 6, HW, 50/100/200, 3d8, RoF 3, 100 rounds, $400 to reload
2x Light MG: AP 2, 30/60/120, 2d8, RoF 4, 200 rounds; $150 to reload (each)

The light machine guns and the auto cannon cannot fire on the same round, due to manual weapon switching (either the cannon, or the dual MGs). Granted, if you need that much firepower, you probably should have chosen a vehicle...

After finishing off the squad of goons, Caelie lead the party to the main medical facility, and got everyone healed up (though Samuel's genitalia are still only in the possession of his younger self, much to his chagrin). Not far from there was a control room, where she settled in for some good ol' hacking, as goons poured in from all over the station.

After five rounds of fighting off the growing hordes of enemies, Samuel's flying mech was shut down by a combined EMP effort; Daisy, with the heavy power armor, managed to hold her own, and Henry and Julius blasted through the last of the resistance. The station alarm began to sound, a new sound this time - one that Caelie acknowledged with grim satisfaction. She had set the main gun turrets to fire on all available targets, including friendlies... and additionally set the station to self destruct.

Just as the began to leave... the flamethrower mech arrived. The combined firepower of the party proved too much for it, however, and it was reduced to cinders and scrap.

The group fled to the nearest airlock; they were small enough targets that the main guns didn't fire on them, though they got to watch several of the AlSec ships get blasted. They floated out of the range of the station, pulled by Daisy, and rendezvoused with the Tempus Frigate.

Comm chatter revealed there was at least one ship that got away: the ship carrying Captain Daneel Kaspar.

There are some repairs to make, but it looks like the party has but one final target... but where? And more importantly... when?

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