Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Ghosts and Doldrums

(This marks upgrade 1)

The Quartermaster figured out that food reserves are lower than expected; it was masked by finding the island, but it seems stores are depleting faster than usual.

An albatross landed on the ship; the superstitious crew freaked out, and someone mentions that the ship cat hasn't been seen in a while. There's a quick search, finding the cat eventually, preening itself.

Meanwhile, before being tackled, Douglas... tries to shoot the albatross.

A few weeks into the journey, the lookout called down that he sighted a ship. Its sails were bedraggled, and it didn't seem to be flying a flag. There was no sign of movement. As they drew closer, it was obvious that there was no one aboard the ship. The Captain sent volunteers over to see what was going on. Most of the crew refused outright, while the castaway moaned about ghosts and demons.

Aboard the ship, the crew found hundreds of tiny bones littering the deck. Each one was tied with a scrap of ripped sail or string; the bones seemed to be from small animals, perhaps birds.

The crew headed for the captain's quarters first. Giles attempted to bash the door in with his sledgehammer, but didn't have much room to swing. Doughlas waved him out of the way and shot off the lock. They shoved the doors open - it seems the entire contents of the room, sans a single nailed-down table, was piled against the door.

Inside, they found a map, stabbed to the table with a basic knife; it had an X marked north of the Caribbean isles. There didn't seem to be any other markings on the map, though it was written in Latin, not particularly odd.

They dug out a chest and a chest of drawers; the chest contained... a corpse. Doughlas gently relieved it of $5, and closed the lid. The drawers had a brace of pistols, a powder horn, a basic rapier, and $45. Splitting the money up equally, the crew moved on.

In the hold, they found boxes of rocks - not even nice rocks, just junk scraped up from the shore, some with dirt and sand stuffed in it. In the powder room, the powder was ruined; in the supply room, the food was rotten, and the water smelled like death. Even the tools in the carpentry room were smashed or missing.

When they got back to the ship, the castaway was being held down, sobbing about how the cursed ship will devour the souls of every living thing, and seemed convinced that those who visited the ship died on board.

Not long afterward, the wind died. The sails hung limply. The hot sun beat down, worsening the already sour mood of the crew. The ship was stuck in the doldrums. After five days of waiting, a whisper went around the ship - the Captain is mad, and the signs of the ghost ship and the cursed island are proof that this voyage is cursed as well! It's time for new leadership! Mutiny!

The crew awoke to a whispered conversation. Pete Grubbs, Tibby Snider, Dom Ramone, Billy Bones, and Kurt Steine managed to collect some weapons, and headed for the Captain's quarters. Doughlas and Giles quickly took out Tibby and Billy, leaving them dead; Zuko, moving quickly, dashed up and grabbed Kurt Steine, knocking the sword out of his hand. Giles took another swing, bashing in Dom's head. Longarm took a swing, and knocked Pete sprawling.. and just like that, the mutiny was put down. Three dead, and Kurt and Pete were thrown in storage, chained to the wall. Pete, as the ringleader, was keelhauled. The Captain thank Jack Crow, Longarm, and the PCs for their assistance in putting down the mutiny.

No sooner was he dragged around the ship, but a breeze sprung up! Quickly, the Captain called for everyone to ready the ship, and soon they were underway, a stiff breeze pushing them onwards.

The word around the ship - mostly muttered by Simon - was that it was Billy Bones who was cursed, or maybe Tibby, and their death was all it took for the seas to return to normal.

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