Friday, July 10, 2020

Stormy Seas

After a few days of good weather, a storm rolled up! After spending a few minutes battening the hatches and so forth, the storm struck, lightning flashing all around, and towering waves sweeping over the ship. A huge wave knocked the crew flying; Baguette managed to (barely) tie himself down, and the others grabbed something and kept their footing... all except Douglas, who was thrown overboard! As he washed over the railing, Zuko managed to chuck a rope to him... the same rope that was tied around Baguette! After a harrowing scramble, Baguette managed to get his breath back, and Douglas was hauled back aboard the ship. Just in time for the next wave - Zuko grabbed two men, and Baguette was once again used as an anchor as Douglas caught another. Baguette noticed the navigator smack his head and go down, and quickly rushed to keep the ship from lilting over as the next wave hit it. He managed to straighten the course, and with some kicking and cursing, managed to rouse the navigator.

Finally, the storm abated; the sun was setting, when suddenly, the ship scraped across something! Investigating, the crew found pieces of a ship scattered about the waves. Lowering the life raft, Baguette went searching for anything shiny - and found a survivor, as well as a box with some trinkets, some barrels of food, and two boxes, one full of gunpowder - miraculously dry - and one full of bombs!

Zuko spotted something dark in the waves, and using his grappling hook, snagged it and hauled it aboard. It was a pirate flag! Wrapped inside was a really fancy musket, worth a pretty penny, for certain.

Meanwhile, Giles carefully patched up the ship, though never managed to repair a scrape on the lifeboat.

Everyone dragged themselves to bed after a rough day, wondering what else was in store for them...

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